Logo and Branding Trends for 2018

What's popping in 2018 and what should be better left in 2017...


While font has always been an integral part of logo design, in 2018, fonts become an integral part of the logo (or sometimes the whole logo!). The easiest way to make your brand look dated is to create a logo and put the name of your business under it in a boring font. At Mad Hatter, we can edit existing fonts or create new fonts to make the font into part of the message you are sending. Not only is it visually important but it has to fit the need of your product. If, for example, your logo will be placed on black and white documents that will be copied repeatedly, it has to use colors and fonts that will copy well (a cursive font with close spacing should be avoided). Sometimes the use of negative space brings interest to your logo which makes them focus longer on it and comment about it.


For example, look at a logo we created for iAnesthetize. An anesthesia company in Texas. It is mostly a "lettermark" logo, or just text. The "I" and "Z" are both highlighted in a peaceful green. They are also connected by a negative space arrow. It shows that the anesthesia provider, I, put patients to sleep, Z.

Responsive Design

Reaching out to customers in 2018 requires multiple forms of communication. Your customer may find your product on Amazon and purchase it. The customer is so happy with your product that they go to your website via their smart phone to find your Twitter handle so they can send you a comment on Twitter. You then respond via Twitter and you build rapport with your customers. Sounds like a normal cycle for a product. However, your logo will appear several times throughout this transactions. On Amazon and your product, your logo will be full sized. However, a full size logo does not necessarily look good on a smaller screen, so a smaller modified version of your logo that still has the same elements of the larger logo is needed. The same can be applied to a logo for Twitter which should be more like an icon.


For example, take a look at our Mad Hatter Logo. You have the full size Mad Hatter: VR logo that will look great on a letterhead or website. The shorter MH:VR Logo works on smaller screens or thank you cards. The smallest logo, just the hat, still carries the feel or the larger logo through to  the smallest logo. Also, the logo is not symmetrical, another trend in 2018.

Vintage Logos

Vintage logos have been on an upsurge the last few years. They have gone from hipster only to mainstream especially for "traditional industries" or business that want inspire a sense of nostalgia. A vintage logo says "we do things the old fashioned way, we take our time to do it right and take care of you as a customer." For 2018, incorporating bright colors and geometric shapes can make the old, new again.


As an example for this one we have our Mum's Curds and Jams. The client makes old fashioned curds and jams from traditional British recipes. It is combining the old with the new. A British Jack with "Made in the USA." The colors are meant to print well on brown labels which the client uses.