The Logo Design Process

Our creative team spends a considerable amount of time creating a new logo for the startup business. This process is different than the branding and messaging approach but it usually breaks down something like this...


  • You contact us and we send a questionnaire.
  • We look over the questionnaire we sent you and see what your business is doing now and where you expect your business to go.
  • We talk with you if we have any questions or we answer any questions you have. This can be done by Skype, e-mail, or phone.
  • A low initial payment is made by you.
  • A couple of hours are spent by our creative team brainstorming.
  • One of our designers spends a few hours sketching out some logo ideas.
  • Another hour or two is spent running the idea by the creative team to see if it fits your business and changes are made.
  • The sketches are presented to you and you get back to us on which way you want to proceed.
  • A second payment is made.
  • The logo you pick is then sent for final drafting which takes three to four hours at least.
  • The logo is sent to you for final approval.
  • Any minor changes are made.
  • Final payment is made by you.
  • It is then placed on stationary, a couple layouts are offered for each stationary, once one is picked, it is finalized and sent over as a .pdf file.


Overall, it's a 10-15 hour process involving multiple people, that's just for the logo. Stationary work, branding, theming, etc takes hours or days to complete. That's why payments are non-refundable but are broken up into parts to be fair.