DIY and Under $300 logos...

The truth behind the bargain.

Everyone loves a good bargain, but is the $5 logo you get on sites like Fiverr really what you want?


1. A quality logo should represent your company for a long time.


This is the first thing new customers will see. Often, DIY logos or cheap logos are used as a stop-gap. The thought being that it is expensive to start up a company (we know!) and you just need something in place until you can afford  a better logo "if my product takes off." The whole point of going into business in the first place is for your product to take off. Customers are going to want to come back to your product and you will start to build brand recognition.  The logo has to be consistent from one version to the next, the brand should grow on itself. When we design and present a logo, our creative team considers the potential places the logo may show up in the future and whether it will work or not.


2. Under $300 are often templated and use clip art


Most of these "designers" often use templates or logo software to create logos for their clients. For a temporary brand, this works great. However, if the brand is expected to grow and last a lifetime, this becomes a problem. There are only so many design variations that can come from templates. If your business and a business across the country contacted the same "designer" and she sent a similar logo to both of you, in 10 years if both of your businesses take off, you may have no recourse in protecting your logo. This applies to clip art images as well. We create each logo so that it is completely different. From custom colors to hand drawn details, it will be unique. More than one member of our creative team will work on it, so that it will be fresh.


3. The DIY Logo


The DIY logo trap is to use template software to create a logo. All of the above applies to this technique. However, if you have drawing software skills, you can manipulate stock images and fonts, and are pretty creative, then by all means design your logo. If later on, managing and updating your logo becomes too much, we are happy to work with you.


4. Let's talk about unicorns...


There are designers out there who can create a truly custom logo for under $300. They are usually right out of school, work alone, and are starting up their business. Just like their fictional counterparts, they don't last long before they disappear. If you can find one, let us know, we might recruit them! As your business grows, you are going to want to have more than one person on your design team. We have a creative team with business experts to help when you get to that point.


5. Time it takes to create a lasting logo


Our creative team spends a considerable amount of time creating a new logo. It usually breaks down something like this...

  • We look over the questionnaire we sent you and see what your business is doing now and where you expect your business to go.
  • We talk with you if we have any questions or we answer any questions you have.
  • A couple of hours are spent by our creative team brainstorming.
  • One of our designers spends a few hours sketching out some logo ideas.
  • Another hour or two is spent running the idea by the creative team to see if it fits your business and changes are made.
  • The sketches are presented to you and you get back to us on which way you want to proceed.
  • The logo you pick is then sent for final drafting which takes three to four hours at least.
  • The logo is sent to you for final approval.
  • Any minor changes are made.

Overall, it's a 10-15 hour process involving multiple people, that's just for the logo. Stationary work, branding, theming, etc takes hours or days to complete.


6. Your design team should understand your business


You should not have to tell your design team "I want a horse and a mountain in my logo." Unless you really want a horse and a mountain in your logo. A good design team will listen to what you say, what your business is about, where your business is and where it is going. The logo should represent that. We will ask you if there is anything you want to include in your logo or maybe you already have a sketch you made of what your logo should look like. We will be happy to advise you about that and if that's what you want, we are happy to do it for you. We want to grow with your company and build a relationship with you.